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Rafik Hariri University Hospital is a public independent establishment that offers medical services to Lebanese citizens in Beirut and all other regions, by ensuring care and hospitalization services in an academic frame, and by offering an excellent quality of treatment and health follow-up.

Rafik Hariri University Hospital is committed to offer excellent medical care, in accordance with international standards to Lebanese citizens and to foreigners, at affordable prices.
Rafik Hariri University Hospital includes 430 beds, 14 operating rooms and 50 suite hotel, delivers a full range of primary and highly specialized care provided by professional and dedicated staff. The hospital offers academic training to young doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians through affiliations with several universities. It deals with ministry of public health, social security national fund, private insurance companies and all other competent authorities that care in the Lebanese society health and offer medical services to it.

Rafik Hariri University Hospital is situated in a strategically location, close to Rafik Hariri International Airport, far away from residential buildings, 200 meters away from the sports city boulevard

Rafik Hariri University Hospital is served by a fully automated medical information system and electronic patient health record. Moreover, it provides remote medical services (telemedicine).