Organizational Chart
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Nursing Department


Our mission is to provide high quality patient care based on our strong commitments to practice, education, research, innovation, and collaboration.


Our goal is to be a national leader among academic health centers. We are building on our traditional missions of patient care, creating innovation in nursing and in the delivery of health care; adapting our organization to succeed in a changing environment; and working collaboratively as partners with colleagues, individuals, communities and organizations.

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is an art and a science dedicated to improving the physical and psychological well-being of patients. We are committed to excellence in Practice, Education, Informatics, research and Administration.
We provide care to patients and their families in a respectful, caring manner. We deliver care which is appropriate, effective, and aimed toward specific outcomes.
We provide education that empowers patients, families, and staff to make decisions about health care. We promote a learning environment for staff. Our staff participates in all aspects of education, including professional development; we value academic education, and we support staff members who seek advanced education.
We provide information systems that serve users by making data readily accessible for clinical and management decision making, quality improvement, education, and research. We support the development of efficient electronic systems that enhance communication among staff and facilitate the flow of patient information throughout the enterprise.
We improve the quality of care by assuring that patients and families receive nursing care which has been demonstrated by research to improve outcomes. We are committed to an environment which fosters scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and adoption of innovations.