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Patient's Responsibilities
In providing care, RHUH expects the following:

  • Behavior of patients, relatives and friends to be reasonable, responsible and considerate of the right of other patients and hospital personnel. Assist in the control of noise, and the number of visitors. Respect the property of other persons and the hospital.
  • Patients and relatives have to respect:
  • Hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct are to be followed.
  • Patients to provide, to the best of their ability, accurate and complete information concerning present complaints and past matters relating to their health.
  • The patient and family are responsible for asking questions when they do not understand what they have been told about the patient's care or what they are expected to do.
  • Patients to follow the prescribed treatment plan and keep appointments. When patients are unable to do so for any reason, the responsible physician must be notified. Patients are responsible for the medical consequences upon refusal of the prescribed treatment if he/she does not follow the physician's instructions.
  • Patients to be responsible for assuring that financial obligations are fulfilled as promptly as possible.