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Medical Services
Other Diagnostic Procedures

  • Cardiology:

    Non invasive cardiology testing provides the following services: Electrocardiography, Holter Monitoring and Stress Testing Lab including Treadmill exercise test and Stress echocardiography. It also provides an Echocardiography Lab which includes Trans-thoracic echocardiography, Transoesophageal echocardiography (TEE), and Dobutamine echocardiography, as well as Nuclear Cardiology which provides Radionuclide stress testing: Thallium/Sestamibi Stress Test and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, in addition to the Autonomic Challenge (Tilt Table test).

  • Neurology:

    The Neurology Services provided at RHUH are of the highest standards, and use the most advanced equipment. They include: Electroencephalogram, Sleep studies, Electromyogram, Audiogram and Nerve conduction test. Sleep studies will be introduced in the future.

  • Pulmonary function Test (PFT):

    Pulmonary function lab deals with pulmonary physiology testing including Spirometry and lung volume measurements, diffusion capacity measurement, Broncho-provocation studies, cardio pulmonary exercise testing, capnometry and metabolic studies, arterial blood gas measurement and pulse oxymetry.

    Diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopies are also performed in the endoscope suite, and rarely in the radiology department under fluoroscopic guidance.