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Paramedical Services
Social Medical Services

The Social Medical Services Division performs all basic social work functions which include patient interviews, referrals for assistance with financial aid, transportation, or other services, reporting of patient abuse or neglect, adoptions, crisis counseling, grief therapy.
It is the responsibility of the social medical services division to integrate social work with overall hospital care and provide a broad range of services to the elderly, disabled, families, and individuals who need assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for self-direction, self-reliance and independent living.
Social Medical Services division provides medical assistance and services without discrimination of any kind such as race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, handicap (including AIDS and AIDS-Related conditions), political belief or national origin.
The referral should indicate the nature of one problem. Social Services will assess the condition and provide the appropriate intervention. Entities Attached to the Division For Administrative Purposes:

  • Elderly Support Services
  • Child Care Counseling
  • - Physically and Mentally Handicapped Support and Assistance
  • Health Care and Support of Chronic Disease and Cancer Patients
  • Social Work and Prevention Services